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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Sorry for the subdued colors.  Taken at a candy store in Deventer, Netherlands. My pretty friend, Marieke, looks on as the storekeeper scoops some trail mix into a bag. Yummy!

Taken in November 2009.

A Picture of many colors
proclaims images of many Thoughts.
~Donna A. Favors

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  1. Too many choices! I know I get a headache in deciding which sweets to buy.

  2. Muted colours can be very attractive.... as in your case. I love the naturalness of this shot.

  3. Pitty it was in 2009. i was yesterday in the neighbourhood of deventer as more often.
    Maybe next time...and also get some candy

  4. This is a wonderful photo for the CC. I love candy shops!

  5. What a sweet place to be!

    Subdued but no need to be sorry. It still is a beautiful and colorful entry.

    Thanks for sharing!